About  Us

A behind the scenes of Total Effex

Long story short

Originally we started with doing announcements and animations for a local church in Port Alfred, after moving up to Johannesburg, the business was forced to expand and we were asked to help out some corporate clients with their marketing. We were also getting a lot more requests for digital wedding invitations, birthday invites and events, we especially enjoyed the challenges the brides would throw our way. We have to date created videos for Cinema, major television stations, many online marketing campaigns and we keep growing.

Our business has since grown and we have been on multiple courses in webdesign, SEO and various programs.

We love what we do and our motto is to exceed clients expectations on both service delivery and on the end product.


Target Aquired

The original idea was to make sending videos easy through your phone, thanks to Whatsapp sending videos to many people has become easy and very affordable.
The idea expanded due to the client’s needs and the video’s became popular on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and through email.

Short and to the point keeps the target audience watching to the end. 1 minute is all you need and that’s where our creativity comes into play, you can quite easily get your point across and keep your advertising costs down in the process. Leave an impression. An audio, visual, click through, sign up, buy now and “I loved that” impression!

As all of the above mentioned ways of sending your video clip are free or low cost, your main expense becomes the video and with prices starting at R6500 for a minute of video it becomes easily affordable to get your message out there.

With over a billion different people watching online videos every month, if you are not already taking advantage of this medium you are missing out. Our attention is naturally drawn towards a moving image rather than a block of text, this is because around 70 percent of the human body’s sensory receptors are found in the eyes and 90 percent of the information received by the brain at any given moment is visual.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

Our Team

All that you need under one roof, a graphic design expert, the computer guy and a loveable macot cheering us on ensuring we are dedicated and exceeding expectations.

Founder of Total Effex

I love what i do and I am so grateful that the Lord has put me on this path. A business that offers solutions to clients and supports my family. It’s very important that our clients come first and are overly happy with the end product because it means we’re doing our job right.

True Inspiration

Passionate about Design! Making your vision a reality. Graphic Design – Printing –Invitations. Chantel has years of experience in the industry and has worked on a huge variety of jobs for hundreds of happy clients.

Eats everyones lunch

Team mascot, keeps us inspired and on our feet. The brains behind the operation.

On the keyboard behind the screen

We are based in the Western Cape and supply services through out South Africa