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Our websites designs

All of our websites comes standard with a premium theme, they are mobile friendly (Responsive)

They come with links to your social media and basic contact forms, google maps embedded

I require a domain name, hosting and at least 5 email addresses
How many pages do you need?
All the following extras are premium and responsive
You will need to provide us with prices, product images and product categories (excel)
Payment Gateway

If you would like to accept credit cards, snapscan or other methods of online payment you may need a payment gateway. We work with Addpay primarily and can set up an account and add them to your e-commerce store

Here you can add basic onsite S.E.O per page (Normally equals the number of web pages)
Would you like us to add content and manage your sites updates and functionality on a month to month basis?


Our videos can be rendered into multiple formats (Up to 3 standard) for use with Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, HD and or embedded into your website. If you would like one for whatsapp it needs to remain under 60 seconds to remain small enough without losing quality.
Based on our location if you do not want animation, stock footage or animated slideshow images you will have to supply the footage

I would like the whole video animated
The length of time in seconds you would like your video

360 Tours

Our 360 images can be linked together into a tour of your property. They can be used on Facebook for marketing, embedded into your website and uploaded to Google maps

Do you have an idea of how many images you may need? If you would like a linked virtual tour you would need an image taken roughly every meter where you would like the viewer to move.
I require additional editing on my images such as clickable links to product images and descriptions
Distance to your location from ours, minimum 10km

Our Services

All of the above pricing is general guide line, if you have any special requests or there is something you are looking for that is not mentioned please get in touch with us and we will do our best to find a solution best suited for your exact needs

Contact us for pricing

As these services require a more personal touch please contact us to get a quote on more accurate pricing

Other Services

Other services such as logo design, brochure layout, printing, corporate id and everything graphic design are handled by our highly experienced and skilled partner Santana Graphix please contact them for more information contact here

All Services Total

We are based George, Western Cape and specialise in Web design, marketing video and animations, 360 virtual tours (Google Maps) and supply services through out South Africa. With clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as well as Germany and Mauritius 

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