Various banner sizes for World Sports Betting marketing campaign.

To use one of the following banners on your website simply copy the iframe code or use the url between the quotations
445 x 58

<iframe src="" width="445px" height="58px"></iframe>

468 x 100

<iframe src="" width="468px" height="100px"></iframe>

468 x 60

<iframe src="" width="468px" height="60px"></iframe>

340 x 75

<iframe src="" width="340px" height="75px"></iframe>

728 x 90

<iframe src="" width="728px" height="90px"></iframe>

300 x 250

<iframe src="" width="300px" height="250px"></iframe>

140 x 120

<iframe src="" width="140px" height="120px"></iframe>

125 x 250

<iframe src="" width="125px" height="250px"></iframe>

250 x 250

<iframe src="" width="250px" height="250px"></iframe>

1280 x 250

<iframe src="" width="1280px" height="250px"></iframe>

We are based George, Western Cape and specialise in Web design, marketing video and animations, 360 virtual tours (Google Maps) and supply services through out South Africa. With clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as well as Germany and Mauritius 

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