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Your website is the portal to your business, in an online world it defines the look of your business and gives your prospective clients a glimps of who you are and what you have to offer. Without it your business could come to a halt

Our Service

The Why?

With the increase in website attacks and the frequency of programs becoming outdated and ceasing to function, for example contact forms and hyperlinks.
The idea is to offer a service to you that will add value to your business and do my best at keeping your valuable asset as secure as possible.
While updating your programs is no guarantee that your website can withstand a cyber attack it does make it a lot harder for hackers to access your site through programs if they have latest security updates.
If there is no update available for an outdated program or plugin I will find and replace it with the best available option.
Regular updates to the content on your website will help with ranking according to Google and helps your clients see that your information is always current and maintained for example services and blog posts.

So I will also include an option for site changes with text and images and as an added benefit if you would like images on your site changed but do not have anything you’re happy with just let me know what you are looking for and if I have an image you are happy with I will upload it to your site.

The Terms


The terms of the retainer will be every month on or before the 25th the selected package fee will have to be paid. I will send invoices on or before the date. Should you require extra hours per month they will be charged at R300 per hour.


I will log on to your website at the start of every month and see what updates are available. You will need to send me via email any changes you want for that month.


If either you or Total Effex no longer wish to be a part of the retainer we can agree in writing via email to terminate 1 month in advance.


I have lowered my hourly rate from R350 so that for the cost of a family supper you get a lot of value for your business and your own in house web designer. Choose your ideal package below and should you need a little extra please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will find something to fit your needs.
Please note the deal is per website.

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I would like to receive monthly news on potentially beneficial services and products
I would like to add R50 to my retainer and receive monthly stats from Google on visits to my website.

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