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“It’s worth a thoudsand words”

Here are a few of the marketing videos we’ve produced

With an animated logo, an awesome background track and your message brought to the masses a marketing video is an effective, professional and affordable solution. It’s no wonder Total Effex has worked with so many clients to help get their brand out there. We’ve made videos for corporate clients, in-house motivational videos, brand awareness for small businesses as well as large businesses, for advertised events and functions, TV as well as Cinema. All of our videos are made completely to clients specifications, to ensure you’re letting the world see you they way you want it to.

Your business is unique, your marketing should be too

All videos are available in a variety of formats and can be sent on multiple devices. We provide you with basic reports with advanced reports and valuable data available too on all videos marketed through Facebook or Ad-words so you can know who is watching and from where.


Here we wanted to highlight some of AddPay’s incredible services, this video has been used in presentations and is part of the company profile and is proving to be highly effective as a sales tool.

World Sports Betting

A lovely animation marketing World Sports Betting and how to load 1 Voucher through any of the available outlets.

Santana Graphix

Why us, why graphic design and how can we help you?
If you question the expense or wonder if your business even needs a professional then watch this.

WPT Johannesburg

Some filing and marketing videos for WPT. Short turn around time for editing, audio enhancement and effects but we pulled it off and the results are pretty good.

Transvaal Training

Highlighting some of the amazing benefits and many services Transvaal Training has to offer 

Green Sprout Solutions

A small business with big ideas needed to get noticed and the idea needed to be explained. Enter Total Effex. 

WSB Charity Sprint

A trip up to Jozi to film the July in Jozi races. The highlight of the day was the WSB Charity Sprint that took place just before the main race. 

World Sports Betting

After a month of design we finally had something to show the client and it was worth it, they were thrilled with the outcome. Combining footage and animation, this video recieved 4 thousand views in it’s first week.

Royal Concrete

For this video we had to build all the 3D models from scratch to match the unique design of Royal Concrete’s slab system. The whole video took just over a month to put together and animate and at the end of it we had a house from start to finish.

Steel Form

Another of our first jobs. We made this for their expos and ended up using in on social media and an email campaign.

Animated Logo

It took a while to complete this one but it came out well.

We tried to capture the strength of this growing company.

Global Education

I love working for this company, this was the 7th video we made for Global. The first draght had way too many effects and was a bit busy so we cut it down to the bare minimum and it turned out great

Squeeze Back

A simple yet effective animated squeeze back shown during the racing on TV.

Santana Graphix

A more recent marketing campaign, this business has endless images of their work so the biggest challenge was choosing what to add in.

Santana Graphix

This was the first video I did showcasing some of Santana Graphix massive portfolio of work, this little video gave them great exposure and brought in quite a few interested clients.

California Detail

A fun job and wonderful client, he said here are some pics make me a video. It was fun matching the audio to the effects and aside from a spelling error there were no changes to the format.


One of our very first jobs, fun to film and lots of great pizza. In this sample we where still getting used to the software but we were grateful for the start “Do not despise small beginnings”


Animating the logo was the biggest challenge with this clip the rest was just adding in the images of their work. It did quite well for them and was well recieved by new and existing clients.

Do you like what you see?

Whatever your needs, a large scale marketing campaign, a small business starting out, a birthday or wedding invitation. We’ve done it and can do it for you.

Get in touch with us today for quality, professional and affordable solutions.

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