Who to trust when it comes to your website?

Written by Kyle

September 4, 2020

Lately the jobs that are coming in are people needing help, “My previous graphic designer or web designer took my money has not given me what I want and now I have no more budget.”
Guys if it’s through a Facebook group or someone who can create a website but has no portfolio then don’t do it. A good website developer will have decent social media accounts, a high ranking website and a great portfolio.
I don’t like using the free software that’s available, I prefer premium because it’s quality, well developed and I receive support that I’m able to pass onto my clients. It’s hard to put quality into your website when you have no budget left. In today’s world your website is a major business asset, it needs to be maintained and in a way cared for by a businesses that would be dedicated to building a long term relationship with you.

Most people can build websites these days and there are a ton of build-it yourself platforms out there, but in the end you always get what you pay for. A lovely website without a solid foundation in SEO and well developed code is worthless to your business.
We have developed hundreds of high ranking quality websites for clients that we have had for years. There’s the portfolio, the reviews speak for themselves. Come to us first and make sure your budget is not spread out but rather used for quality first time

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